Major code: 6340301

Degree: College

Training mode: Full time

Enrollment requirements: student must hold at least a High school Certificate of Completion or equivalent level.

Training duration: 4 years

Core curriculum: CD-KT.pdf

1. Training objectives                         

Knowledge: Students are able to

– To specify the accounting machine configuration structure for each enterprise.

– To dertermine the accounting accounting use for an enterprise.

– To apply documentation system into the accounting operation.

– To build an accounting system with each enterprise.

– To update the current date of the accounting mode, latest information, the latest software version of accounting at enterprise.

Skills: Students are able to

– Make vouchers, check, classify and handle accounting vouchers.

– Use of accounting vouchers in general and detailed accounting book entries.

– Organizing the accounting work suitable to the enterprise.

– Prepare financial accounting reports and tax reports of enterprises.

– Analyzing the financial situation of enterprises.

– Examining and evaluating the financial and accounting work of the enterprise.

– Providing some economic information on production and business activities of the unit to serve the leadership and economic management requirements of the unit.

– Establish a corporate finance plan.

– Use 2 to 3 popular accounting softwares.

2. Job opportunity after graduation

– Accountant.

– General Accountant.

– Chief accountant (supplemented with certificates of chief accountant)

– Accounting and finance officers in various types of enterprises of the economy, non-profit organizations, social organizations and non-governmental organizations.

After graduating from college, students have the opportunity to transfer to university, study to master degree … so that they can expand their knowledge and find jobs in more suitable positions such as:

– Create a self-service accounting firm.

– Lecturers on accounting at schools, institutes, research centers, accounting human resources training centers, auditing.