Aurora Saigon College, previously known as Van Xuan College of Technology, was chartered in 2006. Over nearly 15 years of development, the College has always been a reliable institution for students, who want to be educated to advance themselves in a new direction. Aurora Saigon College aims to train students to be self-reliant and creative with professional knowledge and practice skills. Aurora Saigon College’s students are always proud possessing a strong foundation of knowledge, skills and also being accountable to the community and environment.


Aurora Saigon College offers a flexible and accumulated credit system in its 3 academic units: Vocational High School, College 9+ and Standard College. The training programs are organized to be able to connect to the higher education system within members of Hung Hau Education or higher education system in Vietnam. In Aurora Saigon College, training programs are organized by module systems with hierarchical structure, aiming to equip students with knowledge and skills for a particular career. At the end of each academic program, student will qualify for a particular careers in-demand or pursuit to higher education levels.


Training time includes 2 years at Aurora Saigon College campus and 1 internship semester at our business’ partners. Aurora Saigon College offers a flexible class schedule tailoring to student’s need: class hours (daytime, night, weekend), lecturers and campus locations. Immediately after enrollment, students will have options to re-select the training program to meet their desire and passion based on consultation with Aurora Saigon College’s academic advisors or participations during the first semester.


Aurora Saigon College has 3 faculties: Faculty of Engineering – Technology, Faculty of Economics – Tourism,  Faculty of Foreign Languages, and Center for short-term training which provide training certificate for beauty care technician, entrepreneurial skills, information technology, communication in foreign language. All training activities are highly flexible and interconnected within Aurora Saigon College as well as in the Hung Hau Education System.


  • Lecturers: At Aurora Saigon College, we commit 100% of our lectures possessed master’s degree or higher with experiences in teaching and working in manufacturing sectors.
  • Facilities: Aurora Saigon College main campus is located in the center of Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City. Our classrooms are equipped with modern teaching equipment, air conditioners, free-wifi. As a member of Hung Hau Education system, students at Aurora Saigon College have opportunities to use all facilities from Hung Hau Education’s members located in districts 3, 10, 12, Tan Binh and Tan Phu, including library, learning center, practical laboratories and gyms. Aurora Saigon College offer internal shuttle bus routes for students to commune between main campuses of Hung Hau Education’s members. In addition, students also have opportunities for cultural exchange with students from different regions and backgrounds within Hung Hau Education’s members.
  • Student Services: Aurora Saigon College follows the principles of student-centered learning, we offer multiple supporting services for students during study and promote connections with companies, manufactures to increase student’s learning experiences and employment opportunities upon graduation. Aurora Saigon College maintains an exchange network to keep student’s parents posted about student’s performance during study.


Aurora Saigon College is working to provide quality education system for our students. We are participating in quality accreditation activities both nationally and internationally. We are proud that 90% of our students get job offered upon graduation. We keep contact with our alumni, business partners and related stakeholders to listen to their feedbacks to always improve our programs and teaching methods.