Major code: 6340404

Degree: College

Training mode: Full time

Enrollment requirements: student must hold at least a High school Certificate of Completion or equivalent level.

Training duration: 2.5 years

Core curriculum: CD-QTKD.pdf

Training objectives

General objectives:

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration has good political, ethical and good health qualities; responsible for society; To grasp the basic knowledge, basis and necessary professional knowledge in the fields of economics – management – business; proficiency in professional skills, core skills for administrators; having ethics, professional conscience, sense of discipline, industrial behavior and having the basic capacity to perform the managerial functions and business processes of the enterprise; be able to find a job, create a job or continue to study in a university.

Specific objectives:

Knowledge: Students are able to

– Know knowledge of business, economic information, business statistics, business analysis, business research methods, sociological investigation, to establish the scientific basis for the implementation of the profession. Corporate governance.

– To apply knowledge of computer science and foreign languages in management.

– To update and apply socio-economic development policies related to enterprise management.

– To set up the organizational structure suitable to each type of enterprise.

Skills: Students are able to

– Planning business development from strategies, policies, plans, programs to business projects.

– Organize the production process, supply process, organize marketing and sales activities of the business.

– Organize business administration, human resource organization and management information systems.

– Carry out the planning, organization plans from grassroots, middle to high level.

– Monitor, control business, receive feedback and behave, adjust plans when new business situations arise.

– Analyze the production and business activities of enterprises.

– Establish relationships between businesses and partners.

– Negotiate with partners in the course of business.

Capacity of autonomy and responsibility: Students are able to

– Love the job, stick with the profession; To strictly abide by the charters, regulations and regulations of the agencies, enterprises and companies where they are working; have a sense of discipline and sense of responsibility in their work;

– Work in a scientific, analytical and proactive manner to solve problems arising in the field of professional activities. To be sharp in accessing new scientific and technological information in production and business;

– Effectively participate in the design, implementation, transfer of technology, production organization, scientific research, application of scientific and technical advances;

– Establish good relationships and partnerships with colleagues in the field of specialization and in social communication.

Job opportunity after graduation:

– Salesperson or business executives in the form of business of the economy, non-profit organizations, social organizations, non-governmental organizations.

– To create their own business.