Prediction on demand of the current labor market and human resource trends as integration is always a matter of concern of the level of management from the central to local levels. 

When the Government launched the industrial development strategy of Vietnam in the year 2035 to Vision 2025, identified priority sectors of development 3. Includes: processing technology of manufacturing, electronics and telecommunications Industries, new energy and renewable energy.

Strategic space planning under the direction of the territory will include the core industrial and industrial region. In it, the local Department of the core consists of 4 key economic regions and the maritime economic zone 5 priority development. South East region (including the southern key economic region), developed the mechanical industry, petroleum and petrochemical products, chemicals, electronics, high-tech industry; Research and development of auxiliary industries.

Mekong Delta is the rice granary of the country; Agriculture and fisheries are the main industries, but at present the proportion of students studying agriculture, forestry and fisheries in the universities in the region are too low.

In the discussion on this issue with the company leadership Climate education and college-level member of the Powerful system of education: College of technology secondary school, van Xuan Van Hanh general medicine and intermediate school The great wall the wall, Mr. Tran Anh Tuan, Vice Director of the Center for forecasting demand and labor market information in Ho Chi Minh City for that: in the period 2015-2025, the demand for jobs that need skilled general average will increase most rapidly , at the rate of 28%, labor have low skills level is 23% and high-skilled labor will increase 13%. There are 8 trades that had labor skill skilled was allowed to move in 10 ASEAN countries uniformly recognized equivalent value of certificates of the Member countries are: technical services, nursing services , architecture, supervision, accountants, doctors, dentists, travel. 

Thus, the orientation of human resource development must meet the needs of social-economic development in terms of both the quantity and quality of human resources, on the basis of improving the productivity of labor and professional qualification, training of the workforce. 

Grasp the trend of human resource needs of the labor market at present and the future, the College of engineering technology training and van Xuan some hot industry, providing human resource society with high quality in many professions such as Tourism, aquaculture, electrical electronics, graphic design, information technology …

Here are some photos of the seminar:

Mr. Tran Anh Tuan, Vice Director of the Center for forecasting demand and labor market information.

Mr. Tran Anh Tuan in discussions with leaders of the Hùng Hậu college-level educational Corporation