Major code: 6480201

Degree: College

Training mode: Full time

Enrollment requirements: student must hold at least a High school Completion Certificate or equivalent level.

Training duration: 4 years

Core curriculum:  CNTT.pdf

  1. Training objectives

General objectives:

Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in Computer Programming with good political, moral and health qualities; responsible for society; mastering basic knowledge of economics, politics and society; Having enough knowledge and capability to operate, manage and develop information technology applications; To meet the demand of information technology human resources in various professional fields.

Specific objectives:

– Knowledge: Students are able

+ To be able to read the necessary professional materials in English.

+ To be able to describe current status of management information system of some types of enterprises.

+ To be able to assess the advantages and disadvantages of software application status of enterprises.

+ To be able to do the planning software application deployment.

+ To be able to build application software to support activities of some types of enterprises.

+ To be able to read technical documents specialized in English.

– Skills: Students are able to

+ Examining and supervising the performance of work by persons with intermediate vocational training.

+ Participating in the design, construction and maintenance of information systems for agencies, schools and enterprises.

+ To participate in the development of software projects in companies operating in the field of information technology or related to the application of information technology.

+ To apply professional software development process according to the characteristics of the software development unit.

+ Building, operating, developing websites, management software systems, e-learning systems, embedded software systems for organizations and units.

+ To use some programming tools to build and develop management software for organizations and units.

+ Computer installing and basic network management.

Job opportunity:

After graduation, students will work in agencies and enterprises that have the demand for application of informatics software in management activities and business operations. Specifically:

+ Consultant and transfer software applications.

+ Software application design specialist.

+ Software and database administrator.

+ Computer system maintenance specialist.

+ Website designer and administrator.

+ Design software embedded systems.

Students also work in units operating in the field of computer software such as system analysts and designers, application software programmers, web designers, software testers.