Major code: 5510303

Degree: Vocational School

Training mode: Full time

Enrollment requirements: student must hold at least a Secondary school Certificate of Completion or equivalent level.

Training duration: 1.5 years

Core curriculum: 

Training objectives

Specific objectives:

– Knowledge: Students are able to do:

+ Presentation of functions and applications of sensors, measuring and control devices;

+ Presentation of the principle function of electrical equipment and electrical appliances;

+ Presentation of principles of operation of basic circuits;

+ Presentation of the principles of operation, function and application of actuators and specialized automation equipment;

+ Presentation methods of application programming PLC, microcontroller;

+ Presentation of symbols, conventions of technical drawings, specialized electrical diagrams;

+ Presentation is equipped with the electronic power of a tool machine;

– Skills: Students are able to

+ Identify, classify, select and use sensing, measuring and control devices;

+ Draw the circuit and assemble the basic electrical circuits;

+ Design and construction of control cabinets and distribution cabinets;

Draw schematics connecting controllers to peripherals;

+ Wiring and operation of controllers with peripherals;

+ Proficiently use specialized tools and tools;

+ Programming PLC applications, microcontrollers;

+ Present principles of operation of the control circuit diagrams;

+ Operate equipment, production lines and automatic systems;

+ Applying measures of labor safety and environmental sanitation as prescribed by law in the installation, repair, maintenance and calibration of equipment in automation control systems;

+ Using the utility, features of computing in the office and professional activities;

Job opportunity after graduation:

Students after graduation are able to:

  • Technicians, workers in charge of operation, repair and maintenance of automated production lines in manufacturing plants, industrial enterprises.
  • Technicians who sell or support customers in electrical, electronics and automation.