Aquaculture sector is in need of high quality human resources. This is a potential field of study, providing attractive career opportunities as well as business start-up opportunities for young people.

Aquaculture: Over-employment, lack of learners

Vietnam is one of the largest seafood producers in the world besides strong other nations such as China, America, Russia, Japan … The fisheries sector now plays an important role in the economy and creates high income, as well as more employment opportunities.

Aquaculture is a potential field of study. Most graduates have stable jobs. However, the high quality human resources in the sector has not provided enough of the needs for the market.


With many years of experience in aquaculture, Ms. Le Thi Thuy Phuong, Training Manager of Van Xuan College said: “The aquaculture industry of the school has very good output. Many employers have recruited employees with high salaries; however, the number of graduates is still not enough.”

Although the output is guaranteed, the input of the industry is not high. One of the reasons is that young people do not understand about the field as well as worry about work after graduation.

The aquaculture sector covers many areas such as aquaculture and seafood processing, disease diagnosis, aquatic resource protection, fishery management. During their study time, students can establish a database and manage natural aquatic resources, develop local aquaculture models, aquaculture techniques suitable for different ecological zones, improve the quality of variety.



In addition, students are equipped with the knowledge of pathology, measures to prevent diseases, study the impact of the environment to aquatic diseases, test the pharmaceutical chemistry on the fish, test the origin, the quality of seafood … For those who love the knowledge of chemistry and biology, this is really an interesting field.

Van Xuan College guarantees jobs for students after graduation

Aquaculture has a wide range of trades, so students are offered good job opportunities. Students can work in the Department of Agriculture, Department of Science and Technology, seed production establishments and aquaculture and aquaculture technical consultancy for farmers.

Startup from aquaculture, aqua feed business or veterinary medicine business is also an ideal choice and brings quite high income for many young people. Thanks to the advice and guidance of engineers with expertise in the industry, many people in the southwestern region have raised black tiger shrimp, white shrimp, and basa fish… successfully and generate great profit in business.


As a member of Hung Hau Educational System, Van Xuan College is backed by HungHau Holdings – a large corporation with many companies throughout the country dealing in agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture distribution. Working at HungHau Holdings is a good opportunity for young people to improve their knowledge and experience in career development. This is also a professional working environment with good remuneration. During the internship, students are practiced and experienced in accordance with professional procedures with modern machinery.

In aquaculture, knowledge and practical experience are key to success as well as business start-ups. Field visits to aquaculture are also incorporated into the curriculum to create a positive learning environment for high vocational application. At Van Xuan College, graduates of aquaculture have stable jobs.

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