Hospitality Management, Tourism Management … are the “hot” service industries that have attracted many human resources in recent years.

Sinh viên CĐ Bình Minh năng động trong học tập, thành thạo chuyên môn để tự tin hội nhập

With the strength of training services for many years, Aurora Saigon College is a smart choice for students and parents to catch the trend of employment.

Wide open employment

Over the past years, the service sector in our country has grown sharply and contributed to economic development. In particular, food service, tourism, restaurants, hotels, business, and sales… always in the top of the industry need for more human resources.

According to data from the Tourism Development Research Institute of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the tourism industry needs about 40,000 laborers per year, but the number of graduates in the tourist training institutions is only about 15,000.

Particularly in HCMC, according to data from Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism also shows that from now to 2020, each year the city needs about 21,600 workers in the service sector. Therefore, the employment opportunities in this sector are also extremely wide open.

By the end of 2015, the Asean Economic Community (AEC) has opened up many career opportunities with attractive salaries for tourism students. Travel is one of the eight freelance jobs that can easily work in Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Thailand … The dynamic working environment and attractive salary are what attract young people to choose this industry.

The path to success is not necessarily to go to university. Nguyen Thi Kieu Trang is a student of Hospitality Management at Aurora Saigon College 2010 – 2013. After graduation, she has always tried her best to achieve praiseworthy achievements.

Currently Kieu Trang is the manager of Ngoi Viet Restaurant in Tay Ninh Province and is constantly improving her skills and experience in the field. Trang’s salary is from 10 million dong per month and depending on the peak time, the income can be higher.

Excerpted from Tuoitreonline Newspaper: Training Needs to Attach with Reality

Service sector training is one of the strengths of Aurora Saigon College. For many years, students of the college are always praised by travel companies, restaurants, hotels for the workmanship as well as the awareness and attitude in the work.

Hoạt động học tập thực tế mang lại nhiều trải nghiệm thú vị cho sinh viên Trường Cao đẳng Bình Minh

The strength at Aurora Saigon College is practical training programs, dynamic learning environments, student-centered teaching methods, enhanced professional training from basic to advanced.

The college also promotes training and recruitment activities in accordance with enterprises’s needs to ensure employment for students. Internship activities in accommodation facilities at hotels, resorts, homestay …, reality study in restaurants, hotels (professional practice, graduate internship), associating and inviting experts from the enterprise, hotel restaurants to evaluate the results of specific examinations are also focused on the college’s focus to bring practical experience and professionalism, meeting the output standards to meet the market’s needs.

A team of experienced, enthusiastic lecturers, a dynamic learning environment, and practical experience help students learn lessons more effectively. Aurora Saigon College’s students are also highly appreciated in problem-solving skills, customer care, and good attitude in work … thanks to the well-equipped soft skills courses in during the time in college.

In addition, the form of training of the college follows a flexible credit system, with a two-year training and one intership semester to facilitate students to shorten their time in college and start their career early.

Sinh viên thiết lập mục tiêu và tạo động lực học tập thông qua buổi học kỹ năng

In 2016, according to statistics from Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training, graduates of Aurora Saigon College had a job rate of 94.1%, especially graduates of the Hospitality management and Catering Services have the highest employment rates with the skills and knowledge provided in the hospitality, room, bar, kitchen …, students can undertake management tasks in restaurants, hotels, resorts or accommodation establishments.

Students who study Tourism and travel administration, tourist guides can become tour guides, tour operators and salesperson in a travel company.

In addition to finding a stable job with high income after graduation, many students choose to transfer to university to improve their professional or business skills in the field of hospitality management.

During the 2017 enrollment season, Aurora Saigon College continues to enroll a large number of high school students by qualifying their school transcripts. Besides the strength in service sector training, Aurora Saigon College is also known for its strength in training such as Business Administration; Electrical – Electronics and Information Technology. This is a new trend in career choice.

Students can find out more information about Van Xuan College’s services at http://aurora.edu.vn!

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