The program showcases job opportunities and HR policy in HungHau Holdings the year 2017-2018

The issue of labor and employment of the students after the school is related closely to the career orientation of the children. To have a young human resources to meet the increasing demands of today’s society, the issues raised was the right orientation professional development for students, consistent with the new requirements of the development. The combination between the real needs of the labor market development trends with new career options for students.

At present, although many students are sitting on the seat Lecture Hall but is worried about the unemployment situation. According to the labor survey report, at present, the country has 1.3 million unemployed and 857,000 people lack jobs. This number increased much compared with the time before and for sure the actual number is still much greater than the statistics. More than 60% of the students do not have jobs or have to do the job temporarily, not true to the majors. This situation creates the negative psychology for many students. Many children while sitting on a Chair lecture also brings psychological anxiety always ask the question: will the school do? Choose how to trades with capacity development-oriented individuals with the general development trend of the society.

The catch is that the student’s thoughts, on 14 March morning in 2018, College of engineering-technology van Xuan held the program introduction job opportunities and HR policy in HungHau Holdings in 2017-2018 University aims to facilitate so students have the opportunity to approach the General information about HungHau Holdings; The Group’s corporate culture as well as create more job opportunities after school.

The program has attracted the interest of the students of the school.

Below are some featured pictures of the program: