Learning with practice, mastering knowledge and applying well to the reality are the training objectives of the Faculty of Economics. The Faculty organizes field trips to businesses to help students understand how production processes and working environments are practiced; Facilitate students to have direct contact with enterprises, improve their experience, help them after graduation to acquire practical skills to meet the requirements of enterprises, thereby affirming the quality from Faculty of Economics in particular and Van Xuan Technology College in general. This is also considered the annual activity of the Faculty, a very meaningful and practical program.

Following success and practical effectiveness of the visit to the enterprise before, Faculty of Economics has a field trip to ACECOOK factory – one of the largest and most modern noodle factories in Southeast Asia at Tan Binh Industrial zone, in CN11 Street, Tay Thanh, Tan Phu, Ho Chi Minh City.

The program was well organized by teachers and faculty as well as receiving enthusiastic support from the R & D department and marketing department of the company.
With the guidance and sharing enthusiasm from the company, the students have access to the production line with modern technology, professional working environment with international stature and more excitingly to try current products of the company’s noodle supply market.

The visit left many memorable memories between Acecook and the students of Van Xuan Technology College. Through this visit, the students have the opportunity to approach the enterprise: to learn the process, production line as well as exchange with the Department at the company. These practical tours help students in Management, Accounting, and Finance not to be surprised with their work environment later.