Happy New Year – Double Happiness


Wishing to create conditions for cadres, employees, especially children of disadvantaged workers to draw the dream to school. From January 10, 1818 to January 22, 2008, HEDU Education System (Van Hien University, Van Xuan College of Technology and Technology, Van Hanh Medical School, Au Lac Intermediate School Hue, Van Tuong Intermediate School joined the program “Tet Love – Double Happiness” organized by Hung Hau Company, Dien Quang Company, Rang Dong Plastic Company and Duy Tan Plastic Company. 

When enrolled in HEDU Education System’s member schools, employees – employees working at Dien Quang Company, Rang Dong Company, Duy Tan Company as well as relatives and friends will receive Many support policies from HEDU to motivate the dream of the lecture. 

Applicable subjects: 

  • All staff – employees working in Dien Quang, Rang Dong, Duy Tan. 
  • Relatives and friends were introduced to study at the HEDU education system by Dien Quang Company’s employees – employees of Dien Quang Company. 

Program for each level of training at HEDU. 

  1. Master’s Program – Reaching new heights 
  • 50% fee for exam preparation for graduate students
  1. University – Mindfulness realization dream

     – Early admission program from 1 July, 2015 to 25 August, 2015 including: Mobile phones, baloons, T-shirts, soft skills training.

  • Tuition Fee “1 VND” 

     + The tuition fee is VND1 per student for the full course fee of the course in the form of savings deposit. 

  • HEDU Program – connecting beliefs

      +  0% interest rate loan for the underprivileged students

  1. College – Intermediate – Divide joy into school
  • 20% tuition fee reduction for the 2018 intake

       –  Program to support students to enroll before September 15, 2018 value 20% of the first semester fee.

  • Monthly Tuition Fee Program: Applicable to students in HS-TCs who can not pay tuition fees by semester. 
  1. Time to apply policies
  • Applicable for 2018 admission

     Some images of HEDU participating in the program at the organizational units:

Teachers at HEDU Educational Institutes participate in consulting at Hung Hau Company. 

Many employees at Hung Hau Company are interested in the support program from HEDU

HEDU consulted at Rang Dong Plastic Company