Journey to Source 2018

Located in the 2018 active chain of activities, the morning of Sep. 062018, the College of Technology, Van Xuan, has made the program “Journey to Source 2018” – Visiting and learning the historical relics of Cu Chi.

The journey to the source is one of the most meaningful, practical programs to facilitate students who remember the thanks of the heroes, the martyrs sacrificed for national independence, while learning the history of Vietnam. Participating in activities, the new student-students have had memorable experiences. It is also the occasion of a extracurricular activity so that they are more mounted before entering the official academic year program. 

Located in the active chain, in addition to visiting and understanding the history of Cu Chi’s Monuments District, master and the College of Technology Engineering College of Van Xuan has also consecrated president of Ho Chi Minh and the Martyrs ‘ Heroes at the memorial Zone.

Some of the images are active: